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Infrared sauna - infrared rays are used to heat objects in the sauna instead of hot air.

This type of sauna is more efficient because the heat penetrates deeper into the skin compared with traditional saunas. In infrared saunas, respiratory system of humans not exposed to hot air, although these deep penetrating heat helps to eliminate toxins, alcohol, nicotine and metals. Reduces cellulite, increases the level of hormones helps the development and addresses the time fatigue. Within half an hour of treatment in a sauna will burn more calories than running on the same slot. Believed that infrared saunas with electric light and prevent the cancer is suitable for people suffering from such disease because they raise the level of oxygen saturation and eliminates the radioactive waste. It is suitable for chronic diseases. The only type of sauna that can be used by people with varicose veins, metal implants, hypertension and diabetes.

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Remember to ask your doctor if this type of sauna is right for your health and how often you can use it.